Residential & Industrial Building Lots

Land value is often determined by the amount of flat land ready for construction that a block has within its boundaries. Of course people are willing to pay a premium for the right location and a nice outlook but that’s not the entire story. Regardless of the address, the blocks that demand the highest value are the ones that have it all; a good location, perfect size, a unique view and flat areas waiting for design and construction.

As an environmentally conscious company Stonecivil's policies and processes are designed to maximise recycling, waste reduction and the use of sustainable materials throughout our company and all our projects.

Some of the exciting benefits of use of retaining walls in the design of a sub division are:

  • Careful retaining wall placement helps designers to maximise the unique features of a subdivision.
  • Outstanding views, the proximity to fresh water bodies or the iconic local vegetation can be shared a cross more lots, increasing the total commercial value of the subdivision.
  • Retaining walls increase the “Buildable” area within the Subdivision by increasing the “Buildable” area within each lot.
  • Maximising the “Buildable” area can increase the number of individual lots designers can create within a subdivision.
  • The levelling and compaction of blocks prior to sale prepares them for building construction to commence as soon as the project has been handed over. This also increases the commercial value of each lot with in the subdivision.
  • By the use of limestone, designers can create a natural looking environment. With the addition of feature walls or cladding, it can add value to the subdivision before it is even constructed.