At Stonecivil we pride ourselves in being a “one stop shop” and over the years we have taken on extra works outside of limestone walls so as to be of greater value to our clients. With the addition of concrete and masonry to our repertoire, we have been able to complete major components of the projects that would otherwise have to be planned and coordinated by our clients. Road reserve and feature walls in some subdivisions are designed with concrete, brickwork, render, paint and cladding; and usually with a combination of all these components, and Stonecivil will do them all.


Efficient Development

We ensure that our development process maximizes resources, meets timelines, and achieves goals seamlessly.

Budget Friendly

Our budget-friendly approach ensures that clients receive high-quality results whilst remaining cost efficient.

Great Flexibility

Our great flexibility allows us to tailor solutions to meet diverse needs and adapt seamlessly to changing requirements.